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d'oro caffe
 Italian fresh food 

D'Oro Caffe Miami
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d’oro caffe & market

D’Oro Caffe & Market was established in Miami on 2012 with the purpose of bringing to Downtown Miami, Brickell & the entire Miami community a new and unique concept. Unique gourmet real Italian fresh food. D'Oro Caffe represents a fusion between a classic Italian Caffe concept with a contemporary concept. D’Oro Caffe & Market serves pastas, tapas, exquisite meat & cheese platters, salads, paninis, caffe, fresh juices, delightful Italian desserts and a big selection of Italian wines. In addition to our dine in restaurant, we offer to our customers an Italian market with imported Italian wines & food. At the D’Oro Caffe & Market we care for our customers that is why our commitment is serve food made fresh daily with only high-quality Italian ingredients.


D’Oro Pizza Bar has been established by the Owner and Chef Mariano Galluzzi on 2021. Mariano wanted to bring to the Downtown Miami community a new and fresh concept of pizza. His purpose is to be able to allow customers to create their own Pizza fresh on demand with fresh dough made from scratch daily and fresh toppings. The result: a spot closest to a Pizza Factory serving fast-fired gourmet pizza fresh on demand! Our Pizzas are baked in our high temperature ovens with a unique technique that will have them ready literally in just minutes! The high temperature baking process from our artisan pizza replicates an authentic Neapolitan pizza baking tradition which enhances the flavors and ingredients on the pizzas obtaining a flavorful and remarkable experience. Enjoy pizza the way it should be! Fresh on Demand! In Addition, serving antipasti, panini, calzone, insalata, desserts, happy hour, draft beer, imported Italian beer, wine & beer! At D’Oro Pizza Bar we proudly serve food made from scratch daily with only high-quality Italian ingredients.

Food you can trust 

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D’Oro Ristorante has been recognized in Buenos Aires, Argentina as one of the most delightful Italian restaurants in the City for close to two decades. For last 20 years, D’Oro Ristorante has been opened to its patrons offering only high-quality ingredients and fresh products. During its entire history D’Oro Ristorante has been able to offer to its patrons real Italian flavors and high quality food.

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